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What is it and for who?

Happ(ins)y is a word-play for happy on the inside and outside at once.

This word came to me when I was thinking what do I want my page to contain and give to my readers.

It is simple - I want to bring joy and make your day a little better and easier by sharing my stories, tips & tricks and questions about my motherhood journey.

I hope my stories bring a smile to your face and many of you can either relate or become inspired. Motherhood is tough but full of priceless moments and I want to share them with you through my blog. 

But Happinsy is NOT JUST A BLOG but a COMMUNITY of mothers who want to connect, ask questions, discuss, vent and meet - therefore I have created a "group" for SUPERMOMS (yes, YOU are one of them!) to join if in addition to reading my blog, you want to take a more active part on this journey and belong to a group of other mothers :)

If a group is too big of a commitment for you at this time, feel free to drop by the forum in case you have a question or a thought you want to share without having to join the official group. You are welcome either way! :)

And that is not it - in case you like to SHOP like me, then here is your chance of finding some super good deals of pre-loved baby clothes and something for a fashionable mama as well. I love dressing up my boys and it would be a shame for those lovely baby clothes to be worn just few times. Take a look and see what is in the store for you ;)

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